Our Brand

Who we are

We are uppercase, a design-first and environmentally sensitive brand of Travel Gear for the young with a taste for things that don’t just help them look or feel good, but also do good. We create fashion-forward products carried by them on their person such as backpacks, messenger bags, duffels, gym bags as well as travel bags.

uppercase has been brought to the world by a team with over 100 years of expertise and experience in Travel Gear.

Our Belief

We believe young citizens of the world care not just about looking good or feeling good, but doing good too!

They are builders of a better, brighter, happier world and we want to partner them.

Our Purpose

We exist to make the young feel attractive, while partnering them in keeping the world beautiful.

Our fashion-forward and environmentally sensitive travel gear don’t just help you flaunt your standout style, but also your care for the future of our planet.

Everything we design and manufacture has to exceed benchmarks in delivering on the three important pillars of our brand.

Standout Fashion

A backpack is a backpack. Right? Not really. While it would appear so when you see the sea of sameness in the luggage market, for us travel gear is fashion that you carry with you. They are fashion statements that define you and help you stand apart.

Data-driven Functionality

Our most potent R&D lab is data intelligence and the buying behaviour of our costumers. That allows us to design products with features that our customers want. Which means, features that you really need and no paying for features you don’t.


Each product we make is an expression of our concern for the planet. Not only are our products made from recycled plastic, our strict protocols in energy management or waste disposal and no use of hazardous chemicals help our products be GRS-certified.

Our Values


We are driven by the desire to create something new and exceptional. Something that wasn’t previously there and has enduring value.


To our people, to the community and to our planet.


We are for the restless young whose needs go well beyond their years. So, we create products that deliver a lot more than they pay for them. Both in terms of functionality as well as the emotional high of using the right products.


We believe the very essence of life is evolution. If you are not better today than you were yesterday, you are not in the game. A value we will bring to every product we design and make.

Our Founders

Founder and MD

Sudip Ghose

One of the most respected names in the travel gear industry with over a decade in leadership roles in majors such as Samsonite and VIP Industries, Sudip has built some of the most successful brands in the segment such as American Tourister, Skybags, Lavie and Caprese to name a few.

When Sudip is not busy building companies and growing brands, he loves to travel across the globe with his family and listen to country music and Tagore.


Uday Sodhi

Uday has been in Multiple leadership positions in the Indian Digital ecosystem for the last 20 years out of a total experience of 30 years. He has been an active early stage Angel Investor and has keen interest in monitoring startups.


Arnob Mondal

Arnob is a Finance veteran with noteworthy experience in Investor Relations, Leadership Development & Talent Management, Finance & Accounting. Arnob loves travelling and exploring new cuisines.

Co-founder and COO

Dheeraj Goyal

Dheeraj has an enviable track record in building winning teams and managing large scale operations. A foodie and an avid candid photographer, Dheeraj lives by his one driving principle - Learning is lifelong.

Co-founder and CDO

Nidhi Rajora

A techie at heart and a designer by vocation, Nidhi has over 13 years of experience in Design Strategy and Product Development. She has designed products for brands across the Technology and Lifestyle sectors.

We Are Designed for Good

Our brand has a purpose. And design is our means to achieve it. The quest to make the world more beautiful starts with helping our young customers feel more fashionable carrying our bags.

Our standout European design language, our curated material library, fresh colour schemes, innovative branding details and our custom-developed hardware are ingredients of our secret sauce when it comes to creating standout designs.

The uppercase ‘designed for good’ story contributes to making the world more beautiful in other significant ways too. Such as the use of premium quality yarn produced from recycled plastic bottles or our environmentally-sensitive packaging material and so on.

Add to that the durability and quality of our products, and you truly have stylish bags that are designed to be with you for good.