With every uppercase bag you carry,

you help make the world a bit more beautiful!

Made from premium recycled material

No Hazardous Chemicals

Low Carbon Footprint

Conservation of Oil

While being environmentally sensitive is very important to us, there is a lot more behind why uppercase is ‘designed for good’.

We are
GRS-certified Ethical Manufacturing Ecosystem
We are certified by the gold standard in Sustainability certification - Global Recycled Standard (GRS). Which means from raw material recycling to finished product, our entire ecosystem meets their stringent protocols across –
Our recycled content
No Hazardous Chemicals
Social policies against discrimination, forced labour and for fair wages and benefits, fair working hours, health and safety etc.
Environmental practices across water and energy use and waste management
Oil conservation

Good For Our Planet

Our mission is to protect what is most valuable to us - our beautiful planet. A big part of achieving this mission is our commitment that each of our products and processes meet GRS benchmarks in being environmentally responsible. And that’s not all. We will continually push for positive change in this area as the partner to the young who will inherit the planet.

Good For You

We adhere to best-in-class quality standards to ensure every product that makes its way from our factories to your home is designed to serve you for a long time to come. We pay particular attention to not just the robustness of our fabric, but also to every piece of hardware that goes into our bags. Reason why, our bags are not just rainproof, but are designed to take the rigours of daily use.

Good For Our Community

We believe just as critical as the materials we use to make our bags are the hands that make them. Reason why we ensure our entire supply chain adheres to benchmarks laid down by GRS in compliance with labour laws, prevention of underage labour, anti-discrimination, women’s rights, wages and benefits, working hours and health and safety etc.